RPCS Modules: Tailor your tools to your need

A specific government entity or region may require features beyond what the basic RPCS package offers. RevQ's optional software modules give agencies the particular feature sets they need, without incurring costs of modules they don't need.

The following Software Modules have been created for use with RPCS:

Account Distribution / Payment Proration Module
Distributes obligations and payments to the appropriate department/fund in the user's desired priority and amount. Tax Intercept Module selects and submits accounts with outstanding obligations to the appropriate government agency for possible refund offset.

California CalWin Module
Provides Clients with the interfacing, updating and processing functionality to assist them in performing collections on accounts owed the California Department of Health Services for overpayments and fraudulent payments  concerning welfare assistance.

California DMV Module
In conjunction with the California Department of Motor Vehicles RevQ has developed the California DMV Hold Module (DMV). The DMV Module will allow an agency to place accounts on DMV hold so that the responsible party will not be able to renew their California Driver’s License or Vehicle Tags until some resolution is made with the filing agency.

The module assists the client in sending holds and releases to the DMV on a set schedule so that holds can be placed and releases can be made electronically. On a scheduled basis, during the day end processing, the system will be checked to see if any of the new debtor accounts that have been entered qualify to be sent to DMV for a hold. The system will also evaluate existing accounts for holds and releases based on activity on the account.

California EDD Module
EDD tracks and monitors current employment for specific accounts. The EDD module allows collectors to request, by Social Security Number (SSN), the current employment and wage information from the California Employment Development Department.

This information may be used to set up payment plans, verify demographic information, provide means of contact, and work with other system features to improve the overall collection effort.

California FTB/COD Module
In an effort to reduce the amount of court-ordered debt owed to the state, the California Legislature mandated a partnership between the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) and all California counties.

This mandate allows FTB's automated systems and collection powers to act as a state taxing authority to collect Court-Ordered Debt (COD). FTB collects certain criminal fines, penalties, forfeitures and restitution orders, as well as certain Vehicle Code violations for the counties .

This module provides an automated process for forwarding accounts, tracking progress and reporting on FTB activities.

Tax Intercept Module
Provides recovery opportunities to government agencies by providing the tools required to submit requests to the state and/or federal tax agencies to have the debtor’s tax refund intercepted to cover the unpaid debts. The Tax Intercept module allows accounts to be selected and submitted to the appropriate government agency for income tax intercept.

Victim Restitution Module
The Victim Restitution Module 
Manages an offender's restitution obligations with single/multiple victims and tracks paid and disbursed monies by victim or offender.

To find out more about how RPCS modules can help you make the most of your revenue recovery efforts, email , or call 1-866-684-7387 (REVQ).